Furnace Repair and Maintenance Services

The furnace in your home gets used almost every day, for many hours of the day. Of course, there are plenty of days when you can open up your windows and let the outside air in, but more often than not you will probably be relying on your furnace to keep you comfortable and safe. Many people take their furnace for granted and assume that everything is in working order as long as the unit is running and keeping the home to a set temperature. There may actually be underlying issues and an annual inspection will catch any problems prior to an emergency repair being needed. Strange noises and varying temperatures can be an indication of an issue.


Go Ductless And Save

Mini-split heat pumps are affordable to operate and provide a comfortable heat for your home. The systems can be used in a number of ways to heat your home. You can have a ductless heat pump unit for each floor or even every room for the best of comfort. These systems are amongst the most affordable to operate because they take so little power to operate. Depending on the type of system you have installed in your home, Coldmaster Refrigeration Services, Inc. can show you how they are so much more efficient and money saving to have that even the most efficient standard forced air heat pumps. Standard heat pumps require a backup the heat for when the temperature outside gets too cold for the heat pump to take enough warmth out of the air to properly warm your home. Mini-split heat pumps are so well designed that they do not need a backup heat for those very cold days, saving you money. Coldmaster Refrigeration Services, Inc. wants to be the heating contractor you choose for your ductless heat pump installation. View more here


Air Cleaners

As a homeowner, you can have an electronic air cleaner installed in your home as part of your heating and cooling setup thanks to Coldmaster Heating and Cooling. This system will help ensure that the air you are breathing inside of your home is healthy and free of dust, dander, mold spores and more. This can help improve allergies and asthma symptoms. Your HVAC system does come equipped with a filter but there usually are still plenty of particles that slip past this filter and enter your indoor air.


Heat Pumps

A heat pump is designed to use the Earth in order to keep a home more comfortable in a very efficient manner. A professional heating and cooling company such as Coldmaster Heating and Cooling can help you determine if a heat pump is beneficial for your home and help you with the purchasing and installation process. We also offer maintenance on heat pumps as well.

Air Conditioning Units

The summers can get hot in the Northeast but an air conditioning unit can help you stay cool with keeping the air-conditioned. There are many different units available and we can help you choose the product that is right for your home as well as your lifestyle.

At Coldmaster Heating and Cooling, we provide a wide range of services that include maintenance, installations as well as repairs. We are licensed and insured (MD Master Lic. #HVAC 01-10220
DE Master Lic. #HM-0000396); promising to provide you with excellent service while we help make your home more safe and comfortable. Call us today with any questions you may have or to make an appointment with one of our skilled professionals.