Heat Pump Installation Preston Denton, MD

Carrier Heat pumpOne of the best alternatives you could possibly choose when considering possibilities for replacing your worn out old air conditioner is a new heat pump installation. That wasn’t a mis-print – replacing your old air conditioner with the best heat pump available from Coldmaster Refrigeration Services, Inc. just might be one of the smartest decisions you make for your household or your place of business.

Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling service

You might be wondering how a heat pump could provide the same kind of cooling as an air conditioner since its name implies that it functions strictly to provide comfort during the colder seasons, and not during the heat of summer. The truth is, heat pumps can do both. They look just like an air conditioner and can provide the same kind of cooling in summer that an actual air conditioning unit would, but their unique construction allows the cooling process to be reversed in colder weather, so they can also supply warm air wherever they’re installed.

Wouldn’t it be great to have both your heating and your air conditioning supplied by the same versatile unit, so you only have to worry about a single comfort system for maintenance and service? The chances of anything going wrong are effectively reduced by half, and so are the costs for any kind of maintenance which might be necessary.

You’d have less space taken up with a single system, and you’d be gaining in energy efficiency because all the new models of heat pumps are at the high-end of the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). This being a measurement of the energy consumed vs. the heating or cooling power produced, you could be sure that your new heat pump is making the best use of less consumed electrical energy.

Go ductless

To gain even more efficiency with your new heat pump, why not go ductless? A ductless heat pump requires no network of ducts throughout the home or business place, which means there’s no loss of conditioned air due to leakage in the seams, and there’s no loss due to blockage which could occur in the ducts. Blockage in the ducts and leakage around seams is almost inevitable in a ducted system, and that means you can expect to pay for service periodically to remove debris and to repair any leaks.

With no ducts in your heating and cooling system, you have none of these problems. But you will have all the versatility and cutting edge efficiency of the most modern heating and cooling system on the market today. With the knowledgeable and professional service you receive from Coldmaster Refrigeration, you’ll be able to have total confidence that installation was according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and that it will perform up to its capabilities.

Heat pump installation in Preston, Denton, or Easton, MD

To have expert installation of a new heat pump system, contact the specialists at Coldmaster Refrigeration Service, Inc. today. Those cities aren’t the only ones included in our service area of course – we also install in Goldsboro, Queen Anne, Hurlock, Rhodesdale, Sharptown, Linkwood, Royal Oak, Wye Mills, and a host of other communities in the region. Call us with any questions you might have, and we’ll be glad to discuss your heating and cooling requirements.