Ductless Heating and Cooling by Carrier

Carrier Multi Heating and Cooling ZonesDuctless systems have some notable advantages overheating and cooling systems which require a network of ducts to be installed throughout a home or business facility. The mere absence of all those ducts for conveying conditioned air gives a much smaller footprint to the whole system and takes up a lot less space. Whether it’s a ductless heat pump or a ductless air conditioner, you’ll also find that there’s a lot less energy loss in a duct-free system, because there’s no opportunity for leakage or blockage in the ducts themselves.

Are you ready to take advantage of ductless HVAC?

If you as a homeowner or as the owner of your own business are ready to enjoy the benefits of ductless heating or ductless A/C. The contractor to get in touch with the cities of Preston, Easton, Denton, Cambridge, Newcomb, Goldsboro, Oxford, or Queenstown, is Coldmaster Refrigeration Services, Inc. As a factory-authorized Carrier dealer, Coldmaster Refrigeration employs specialists who have been thoroughly trained in the installation of Carrier heating and cooling products, including ductless split systems, and all other HVAC heating and cooling systems.

How ductless systems work

In a ductless heating or cooling system, zones are established in your home or business facility which will receive conditioned air pumped by a central unit outside the facility. This outdoor unit houses a compressor, a condensing coil, and a fan, while the indoor units which are installed in the zones contain a fan and an evaporator coil.

Piping conveys conditioned air to the zones, and in a mini-split system, can be controlled by means of individual thermostats included with each indoor unit. Mounted unobtrusively on walls, ceilings, and sometimes even on the floor, these indoor units allow for entirely different heating or cooling requirements to be satisfied in every zone where they are installed. They also have a very stylish appearance and are not recognized as components of a heating or cooling system.

Not only does this configuration allow for much greater temperature control in each zone, but it is cleaner, quieter, and much more energy-efficient. The versatility and flexibility provided by a ductless system simply can’t be matched by conventional heating and cooling systems, and for that reason, ductless systems are becoming extremely popular in new housing and new business facilities.

Ductless systems by Carrier

Ductless heating unit made by CarrierThe Carrier name brand has been in existence since 1902, when Willis Carrier created the world’s first modern air conditioner, and his successors have been carrying forward that business reputation for excellence ever since. The same innovative spirit first shown to the world long ago, is still evident in the Carrier name brand today, in the cutting-edge technology of ductless heating and cooling systems. Find out more about ductless systems by contacting Coldmaster Refrigeration Services, Inc. today.