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Commercial HVAC Systems Installation With Tax Incentives

Coldmaster HVAC Technician Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law by President Trump, this will be the first year that its new financial benefits can be reaped by business owners around the country. Although some of the provisions refer specifically to things like real estate and heavy equipment or machinery used in business, there are also some benefits to be gained if you replace commercial HVAC systems, specifically if you replace your existing commercial rooftop unit and receive 100% immediate expensing (bonus depreciation).

One of the provisions of this new HVAC tax incentive applies to non-residential heating and cooling systems if it was acquired and put into service at your commercial business after the date of September 17, 2017. Until the year 2022, your new heating or cooling system can be subject to full immediate expensing, which can amount to a considerable incentive. After that time, the expensing will no longer be at a level of 100% but will be reduced each successive year by 20%. The clear message here is that it’s highly advantageous for you to install a new commercial heating and or cooling system if you haven’t already, and then fully expense it while the tax incentive remains in effect.

Other hvacr systems which are covered

If yours is a business which makes use of large refrigeration or freezer units, for instance a walk-in cooler at a store, restaurant, educational institution, or other facility, now would be the time for a changeout of your equipment, since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provides such a strong incentive to do so. Maybe you’ve had the same freezer or refrigeration unit for more than a decade, and it’s still running reasonably well – but that doesn’t mean it always will.

In fact, commercial cooling systems which are required to operate most of the time for 10 or perhaps 15 years, and even longer, are far more subject to breakdowns and costly repairs than newer equipment would be. Before you run into a situation where repair bills start mounting or the efficiency of your commercial unit starts to tail off significantly, you might be better off to act now and have an entirely new system installed by Coldmaster Refrigeration Service, Inc of Preston, MD.

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