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Commercial Electrician

Whenever you need electrician services, the one company to remember in the region around Preston, MD is Coldmaster Refrigeration Services, Inc. We provide electrical services for commercial businesses which you can rely upon, whether it involves new installations, maintenance, or upgrading your existing electrical system. We service a broad area in Maryland and Delaware, and we have earned a reputation as the most reliable electrical contractor in the region by providing top-notch work promptly and professionally.

Upgrades of electrical equipment

Some buildings which have been in existence for a long time have outdated electrical wiring or other equipment, which should be replaced or upgraded so as to ensure the safety of occupants, and to take advantage of newer, more energy-efficient equipment. We can conduct an energy audit for your company, and advise you on the best approach to achieving better economy with regard to your electrical services. There may be significant savings which are achievable in your illumination scheme, or your power grid, network communications, or phone system, which we can help you to realize. An upgrade of your electrical equipment can help improve the bottom line of your business by reducing energy costs, and allowing for greater efficiency.

Installations of new electrical equipment

Office lighting is one of the most common new installations of electrical equipment, which we are called upon to perform, and we have become experts at the process. But that is far from the only kind of installation we do. When you need a new installation of your office phone system, we can have that done for you with minimal downtime for your business, so that you don’t lose productivity or patronage from your customers. Power systems and data networks are other areas we excel in, and which we are glad to help our clients with. Many companies also need security systems installed or upgraded so as to provide adequate protection for company assets and employees, and that’s another service that our technicians can handle very well.

Electrical inspections

Prior to occupying a facility, you may need the electrical system inspected, and our well-qualified technicians can do that for you, so you’ll know that everything is up to snuff with regard to the electrical equipment and wiring. Safety inspections are also sometimes needed, in order to determine that adequate materials and procedures were used in the installation of electrical equipment and the supporting system. For any kind of electrical inspections you may need, call us first.

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For all of your commercial electrical needs, please contact us at Coldmaster Refrigeration Services, Inc., and join our growing family of satisfied customers. When you work with us, you’ll never have to worry about quality work, or the utmost in professional service, because we approach every job like it’s the most important one ever.